Used CANDELA OSA 5100 #9212020 for sale

ID: 9212020
Optical surface analyzer.
CANDELA OSA 5100 is a powerful wafer testing and metrology tool from the world renowned CANDELA Technologies. It is designed to facilitate fast and accurate testing of semiconductor devices on both 300mm wafers and standard 200mm wafers. The system integrates both optical and electrical techniques to provide the wafer with precise measurements and characterization data. It is capable of performing both single-shot and multi-shot measurements and offers extremely high resolution scanning and imaging capabilities. OSA 5100 is equipped with a library of optical systems and tool sets to ensure accurate and timely data collection across the entire wafer surface. The system utilizes a three-axis motorized stage for precise focus and positioning, allowing sub-micron alignment of sample wafers. CANDELA OSA 5100 also features an intuitive user interface that is capable of controlling all the necessary tests and data acquisition functions simultaneously. The software is capable of acquiring statistical data from each sample's measurements and allows users to customize the metrics that are sent back and analyzed. OSA 5100 is capable of testing a wide variety of different applications ranging from viewing the surface of semiconductor wafers to examining passive components such as capacitors and inductors. It can also be used to detect electrical shorts, hidden defects, and analyze various parameters of integrated circuits such as functional (on/off) states. With its high accuracy and reliability, CANDELA OSA 5100 is the preferred choice for integrated circuit and wafer testing and metrology needs. The system has a host of features that make it ideal for both design and manufacturing processes, facilitating rapid and accurate analysis of semiconductor devices and wafer surfaces. Its ease of use, flexibility, and high performance makes it an essential tool for the modern semiconductor industry.
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