Used CDE RESMAP 178 #9151440 for sale

ID: 9151440
Four point probe mapping system.
CDE RESMAP 178 (Recontoured Edge Mapping) is a specialized wafer testing and metrology equipment used to provide highly accurate measurement of wafer edge contour. The system uses both surface wave interferometry and scanning laser range finding technologies to scan and map the wafer contour which is then used to determine edge bevel angles, sidewall angles, overall flatness of the wafer, or various other surface characteristics. CDE RESMAP178 is capable of measuring up to 4 million points across the entire contour of the wafer with a resolution of up to 10 microns. It can also be used for detailed micro-machining applications, which requires precise measurements of the wafer edge to ensure a consistent quality of the product. In addition, the unit can also measure the deposition of thin-film layers on the wafer surface such as dielectric and resistive layers. RESMAP 178 also benefits from features such as an automated scanning head, which allows users to quickly map the entire surface or measure specific areas with greater precision and accuracy. In addition, the automated software machine takes care of all the necessary scan settings which allow the user to adjust scanning parameters or recall previously collected data. The tool is quite efficient, achieving complete scans within minutes. Not only that, it is also extremely flexible and secure as the data is securely stored in an HDD rather than a secure server. This is ideal for any business that needs to maintain secure data integrity and backup. Overall, RESMAP178 is an ideal wafer testing and metrology asset for any type of application requiring precise edge contour measurements and micro-machining operations. Its combination of automated scanning head, precise resolution, and secure data storage capabilities makes it a powerful and reliable metrics model for finding the exact defects on wafer surfaces.
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