Used CDE RESMAP 178 #9185823 for sale

ID: 9185823
Resistivity resprobe.
CDE RESMAP 178 is a state of the art wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for advanced semiconductor processing. It features an innovative dual prober architecture, providing simultaneous testing and inspection of both front side and backside semiconductor junctions, each prober having its own positioning system for precise alignment. CDE RESMAP178 contains a highly sensitive, multi-axis inspection capability that is able to detect defects as small as one hundred-millionth of a millimeter. The unit is equipped with a patented buckling beam force-sensor, enabling it to detect fine particles or other contaminants on the wafer. It is equipped with a single camera unit to optimize image acquisition and the use of patented rotary joint and closed-loop servo motors ensures precise alignment of probe tips with sample features. RESMAP 178 offers a wide variety of test modes providing dynamic and broadband responses, multi-frequency excitation capabilities with fast test scan rates. The unit also features a powerful edge detection algorithm and image processing capability, which allows it to accurately measure the edge of wires, spacers, and other features. In addition, it includes a proprietary field measurement calibration algorithm that enables fast and accurate calibration. The machine is able to generate results faster than other similarly equipped test and inspection systems, allowing for more efficient testing workflows. RESMAP178 has a range of control options, including an intuitive graphical user interface for easy access to all test parameters, and the ability to integrate into automated test environments. It also offers a wide range of data acquisition, analysis and reporting functions, enabling users to maximize their process-improvement efforts. The unit is designed for use in harsh environments, with a weatherproof enclosure and RF/vibration shielding. Overall, CDE RESMAP 178 is an advanced, highly sensitive wafer testing and metrology tool that is perfectly suited for use in advanced semiconductor processing. Its dual-probe architecture and unique capabilities make it the ideal tool for efficiently measuring and verifying wafer performance in the most efficient and accurate manner.
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