Used CDE Resmap 363 #9202949 for sale

ID: 9202949
CDE Resmap 363 is a robust and reliable metrology equipment that performs non-contact wafer testing and metrology. It uses advanced optics and laser-based inspection techniques to accurately measure and evaluate wafer surface features with high precision. The system supports a wide range of applications including critical dimension (CD) measurements, defect inspection, overlay, and full-field critical dimension uniformity (CDU). Resmap 363 laser-scanning platform is designed for use with significantly smaller feature sizes such as nano-meters and even sub-micron sizes. This makes it an ideal solution for wafer testing and metrology for cutting-edge semiconductor technologies. The unit can reliably measure to high precision, using both optical and laser-based algorithms, and is equipped with advanced software engines that offer flexible and robust feature setting and statistical analysis. It also provides support for various industry standard output formats, making it easily integrable with other systems and data processing platforms. The machine is built for high throughput, with rapid sample handling and rapid data acquisition speeds. It also supports high throughput through use of a "look-ahead" feature, which allows the tool to identify and predict patterns in the data before it is actually measured. In addition, CDE Resmap 363 is equipped with automated controls such as defect-image recognition, data-driven litho- and alignment-maps, and automated functionality for alignment and focusuring across the full field. Resmap 363 delivers a wide range of applications and features and achieves high accuracy and fast speed in wafer testing and metrology. Its advanced optics and laser-based technologies offer superior performance, efficiency, and reliability, and the asset's wide range of features and automated capabilities make it an effective and reliable solution for wafer testing and metrology.
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