Used CHAPMAN MP2000+ #9207198 for sale

ID: 9207198
Surface profiler.
CHAPMAN MP2000+ is an advanced wafer testing and metrology platform designed by CHAPMAN Instruments for use in a variety of industries. This versatile platform can be used to test and measure a wide range of wafer sizes, thickness, surface index, and tilt angles, making it an indispensable part of the modern semiconductor manufacturing process. MP2000+ equipment is based on CHAPMAN renowned MAPLE™ platform, which offers reliable, fast and repeatable wafer testing and metrology. The system is designed to quickly and accurately measure a variety of wafer properties and parameters. The unit is capable of measuring optical, electrical and mechanical properties, including thickness, surface index, doping level, and tilt angle. With a minimum overhead time of less than 10 seconds, CHAPMAN MP2000+ is capable of testing as many as 18 silicon wafers in a single batch run. The machine is also pre-calibrated and ready for use, eliminating the need for any additional calibration steps. MP2000+ has a high speed interface with PCI-Express technology, which enables rapid data transfer between the tool and other instruments. Additionally, the asset is constructed from a hardened aluminum frame and is designed to withstand high vibration frequencies, allowing it to be used in environments with high shock levels. The platform also features CHAPMAN proprietary SixtyEqualizer™ technology, which provides extremely accurate automatic measurements without the need for manual correction or adjustment. This ensures that the results are always accurate, reliable, and repeatable. In addition, the platform has several other advanced features, including auto-split, split-diagnosis, and an intuitive, menu-driven user interface. CHAPMAN MP2000+ is designed to provide outstanding performance and reliability, even in the most demanding semiconductor fabrication environments. The model is easy to operate and provides the high-level of accuracy, repeatability, and cost-effectiveness needed to ensure maximum production yields.
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