Used DAINNIPON VM-1210 #9156829 for sale

ID: 9156829
Film thickness measurement system.
DAINNIPON VM-1210 is a high-performance, precise wafer testing and metrology equipment for an array of wafer types and testing applications. The system offers high precision optical metrology of wafer properties on manufactured wafers. This allows manufacturers to independently confirm wafer quality and performance at each step of the manufacturing process. VM-1210 is based on a 3D optical microscope precision stage, coupled with a highly advanced optical device for imaging wafers. This advanced technology enables the unit to accurately measure and analyze a variety of wafer metrics with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. The machine's imaging and metrology capabilities include electrical, physical and opto-electrical properties such as line patterns, laser etch patterns, thickness, etch depth, shape and volume of etched pits and islands, metal line profilometry, and refraction index profile. The tool is capable of providing a variety of image resolutions for high-definition insight into the wafer structures. DAINNIPON VM-1210 is equipped with a wide range of advanced features, allowing users to fully customize the hardware settings to fit any application requirements. Features include an automated XYZ stage for precise wafer placement during imaging, advanced auto focus capabilities, serial-port-controlled operation, image sharpening software, adjustable measurement sampling rate, and image manipulation abilities. VM-1210 also offers advanced data acquisition capabilities for proactive monitoring of wafer process and production parameters, as well as live viewing of images. This feature is beneficial to ensure that wafers meet specifications and enable proactive production control. The asset supports a wide range of wafer sizes and types, and is easily connected to a variety of workstations and computers for data acquisition and analysis purposes. In addition, DAINNIPON VM-1210 can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of wafer metrology systems, such as optical profilometers, line sensors, lasers, and motorized turntables. VM-1210 is an innovative and versatile wafer testing and metrology model for precise, high-quality measurements of wafer properties. Designed with advanced technology, the equipment provides a comprehensive solution with intuitive user interface and a wide range of features for satisfying even the most demanding applications.
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