Used DNS / DAINIPPON LA-W820-A #9083196 for sale

ID: 9083196
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 1996
Lamp annealer, 8" JMF 1996 vintage.
DNS / DAINIPPON LA-W820-A is a compact wafer testing and metrology equipment designed by DNS for use in research and manufacturing environments. This system is capable of capturing extreme detail of up to 0.5 nm resolution on a 7-inch wafer. DNS LA-W820-A includes a Piezo-Array Positioning Unit (PAPS) with eight independent Nano-Positioners, allowing users to take multiple measurements quickly and accurately. DAINIPPON LA-W820-A comes with an advanced auto focus machine, giving the tool an ultra-fine sampling resolution. This asset is also equipped with a standard-definition sensor that is designed to protect the ultra-fine captured details. The sensor is then combined with a high-precision rotation stage to enable measurement of profile across a wide range of angle steps. LA-W820-A has built-in hardware acceleration to boost performance and reduce model stress. Additionally, a CCD camera with integrated software features ensures high resolution during measurment. This equipment also includes software packages to measure movement, tilt, and displacement. DNS / DAINIPPON LA-W820-A is a flexible system which can be used for a range of applications such as surface profiling, etc. It also supports high-precision 3-dimensional contour measurement, 3-D surface analysis, and wafer inspection. This unit is also highly compatible with other software and hardware systems, making it easy to adjust and adapt to different environment. DNS LA-W820-A is built with a durable and precise metal frame, ensuring the stability of the measuring environment. All components are designed to provide precision and longevity. This machine is a powerful and reliable tool designed to meet the demands of a variety of applications.
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