Used DNS / DAINIPPON LAW-815A #9051403 for sale

ID: 9051403
Wafer Size: 6"
Vintage: 1993
RTA Systems, 6" 1993 vintage.
DNS / DAINIPPON LAW-815A is a wafer testing and metrology equipment for semiconductor wafer testing and analysis. It is used for non-destructive defect analysis of up to 300mm wafers. It utilizes advanced laser optics for precise detection and localization of faulty transistors, wires, and other components on the wafer. DNS LAW-815A system has a wafer inspection platform with an ultra-high resolution camera for analytic functions like defect analysis. The camera is integrated with a precision manipulation unit, allowing it to accurately focus and point to specific locations of interest on the surface of the wafer. The unit also includes a three-step wafer defect detection algorithm. The first stage focuses on the detection of non-patterned defects, the second stage looks for patterned defects, and the third stage helps in classification of the type of defect. DAINIPPON LAW-815A also has high powered signal intelligence (SIC) capabilities to help identify and calculate signal characteristics from the wafer data. This allows for more detailed analysis of defects, thus improving the overall yield of the wafer process. In addition, the machine also allows for the measurement of process parameters like temperature, humidity, and particle concentration. LAW-815A is capable of detecting and analyzing more than 500 types of defects in each wafer. It also supports a variety of testing protocols, including 2D imaging, X-ray diffraction, high-resolution microscopy, and atomic force microscopy (AFM). Its precision and accuracy is further enhanced by advanced scanning and mapping features. DNS / DAINIPPON LAW-815A is a reliable and cost-effective testing solution. It is designed to support high-volume production lines and large-scale wafer processes. Its advanced capabilities and precision ensure the most accurate and reliable measurements of defect detection, making it an essential part of the semiconductor industry.
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