Used DNS / DAINIPPON LAW-820 #9091952 for sale

ID: 9091952
Wafer Size: 6"
Vintage: 1993
RTA System, 6" 1993 vintage.
DNS / DAINIPPON LAW-820 is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for production testing and characterization of advanced semiconductor devices. It features high-precision automated mapping capability, allowing for precise measurement and evaluation of die, substrate, and pick-up signals. DNS LAW-820 is capable of measuring die lines, patterns, structures, and other features of a wafer with high accuracy and precision. It utilizes the latest measurement technology to produce point-by-point maps of the wafer, which are used to calculate and graphically display defects and/or structural irregularities. The system is equipped with an integrated wafer handling unit for maximum production throughput, and is capable of handling up to 11 wafer sizes at once, ranging from 2" to 8". DAINIPPON LAW-820 also features a wafer temperature-compensated alignment machine for precise wafer alignment across both XY and Z axes. This ensures accurate measurement of wafer features, from the most narrow line to the widest. The addition of both vibration-free and vibration-absorb mechanics allows the tool to capture extremely small defects in the most delicate areas of the device. In addition to its high-precision mapping capabilities, LAW-820 is also designed to facilitate rapid throughput. This is achieved through the integration of advanced automation software for measuring and control. The asset can process up to 4,000 wafers per hour on a single-pass scan, allowing for timely and efficient analysis of the wafer. In summary, DNS / DAINIPPON LAW-820 is a powerful and versatile wafer testing and metrology model. Its advanced mapping technology allows for accurate measurement and evaluation of die, substrate, and pick-up signals. It features a temperature-compensated alignment equipment for precise measurement of wafer features, and automated throughput capabilities for rapid wafer analysis. With its wide range of features, DNS LAW-820 is an ideal system for production testing and characterizing advanced semiconductor devices.
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