Used DNS / DAINIPPON VM-1210 #9142712 for sale

ID: 9142712
Wafer Size: 4" -8"
Vintage: 2013
Film thickness measurement system, 4" -8" 2013 vintage.
DNS / DAINIPPON VM-1210 is a high precision wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for efficient inline testing of semiconductor wafers. The system utilizes advanced automation and test technologies, providing complete testing of the entire wafer surface in one step. DNS VM-1210's high performance enables comprehensive testing of multiple parameters including die size, thickness, surface topography, leakage current, voltage coefficient, migration speed, and resistivity. The unit also features automated probing and indexing capability, as well as on-board defect classification for rapid sorting of faulty dies. The machine is built with a fast and easy-to-use user interface. This allows the user to define test parameters quickly and easily with minimal training. A graphical overview of the wafer can be displayed during testing, making it easy to visualize and troubleshoot any problematic areas. DAINIPPON VM-1210 also features a powerful fault localization algorithm. This algorithm allows the tool to quickly identify any potential problems that may occur during testing. The asset also offers ample data storage capacity for historical records, allowing users to quickly access past results. For added convenience, the user can easily print or export test data to an external medium such as an SD card. Multiple language support and a variety of communication interface options make VM-1210 an ideal choice for a range of applications. DNS / DAINIPPON VM-1210 is a highly advanced wafer testing and metrology model that offers the latest technology and the most reliable testing available. Its fast, user friendly interface and comprehensive testing options make it an ideal tool for any semiconductor production process.
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