Used DNS / DAINIPPON VM-2010 #9134045 for sale

ID: 9134045
Wafer Size: 8"
Thickness measurement system, 8".
DNS / DAINIPPON VM-2010 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for both process and production-level measurement and analysis. DNS VM-2010 incorporates numerous components, including DAINIPPON VM 2010 Digital Metrology System (DMOS), the Optical Microscope Auto Unit (OMAS), and the Scanning Electron Microscope Unit (SEMU). DAINIPPON VM-2010 DMOS is comprised of an Acculine advanced optical metrology machine which is designed to perform a variety of measurements, such as line-widths, gate conductor heights, and sidewall angles. The OMAS is a high-resolution optical microscope tool with an automated stage and autofocus capability which allows for 3D imaging and analysis. The SEMU provides users with live imaging and dynamic imaging modes with resolutions down to 1nm. VM 2010 also features a number of other capabilities, such as defect review and optical fault isolation. The defect review feature is used for wafer defect analysis, while the optical fault isolation capacity is used to accurately isolate defects located in the wafer. Additionally, VM-2010 enables measurements which can be used to evaluate wafer flatness, surface roughness, contact resistance, gate width, overlays, and image contrast. DNS VM 2010 is designed to provide users with efficient and accurate wafer testing and metrology during the wafer fabrication process. By using DNS / DAINIPPON VM 2010, users are able to quickly and effectively identify any potential defects within the wafer, allowing them to take corrective action without incurring lengthy delays in the fabrication process. The asset is also highly flexible, allowing for customized settings and analysis across different types of wafers and processes. Overall, the DNHDNS / DAINIPPON VM-2010 is a powerful and versatile wafer testing and metrology model designed to provide users with quick and accurate analysis across different types of processes and wafers. From its advanced metrology components to its versatile analysis capabilities, DNS VM-2010 is a highly effective tool for wafer testing and metrology.
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