Used DNS / DAINIPPON VM-2010 #9158763 for sale

ID: 9158763
Wafer Size: 8"
Thickness measurement system, 8".
DNS / DAINIPPON VM-2010 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology tool designed for superior precision and accuracy in measuring semiconductor wafers. It offers a completely automated solution for high-speed patterning measurements that guarantees higher throughput and improved accuracy. The unit is composed of several individu- ally calibrated modules, each tasked with a specific measurement operation: metrology, die pickup, and wafer transport. The fully automated wafer testing and metrology systemfirst performs measurements through its three-dimensional (3D) scanning probe, using laser beam for characterization. It then moves the sample being measured to the die-pickup module in order to pick up the dies and attach them to the wafer carrier. Finally, it transports the sample being processed to the metrology unit. This metrology unit evaluates the signal information on the wafer for flatness and defects. All these modules are fully automated for operator convenience and are capable of achieving precise repeatability and reproducibility. The equipment is designed to be extremely agile and robust, allowing the user to quickly adapt to changing conditions. The modularity of the system allows it to easily accommodate a wide variety of measurements, such as for micro-lithography inspection or defect inspection. The tool is also able to provide rapid and reliable measurements without disturbing the integrity of the product, meaning that it can be used for measurements on various substrates as well, including those that are sensitive or prone to distortion. The unit runs on Windows XP and offers extensive features, such as user-friendly graphic interfaces, pump-filament mode for taking multiple measurements, wide applicability, fast software upgrades, and connectivity through various interfaces. The machine offers a comprehensive and flexible range of options to cover any semiconductor wafer testing and metrology needs. In addition, the tool is capable of providing extremely high tool resolution and accuracy thanks to the proprietary "Active Motivation Technology" which actively reduces noise while scanning and binarizing data. This technology also allows for increased probing sensitivity and repeatability, ensuring that very high yields are achievable in wafer testing and metrology applications. Overall, DNS VM-2010 is a highly sophisticated and precision-oriented tool that offers an all-in-one automated solution for various types of wafer testing and metrology needs. Its advanced 3D scanning probe and Active Motivation Technology allow for fast, high-precision measurements with excellent repeatability, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution for various testing and metrology processes.
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