Used DNS / DAINIPPON VM-2010 #9226930 for sale

ID: 9226930
Wafer Size: 8"
Thickness measurement system, 8".
DNS / DAINIPPON VM-2010 is a high-precision wafer testing and metrology equipment with a sophisticated platform. This system is designed to provide reliable, optimum results with high accuracy and repeatability on various types of wafers. The core architecture of the unit allows integration with advanced processes, such as IC lithography (including stepper-based) and beam exposure techniques. DNS VM-2010 is designed for process and metrology applications such as high-precision 3D optical metrology, electron beam testing, and defect inspection. It offers a wide variety of advanced measurement capabilities from contactless to direct contact measurements, supporting various techniques such as optical interferometry and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The machine also incorporates an advanced automated Wafer Alignment Tool (WAS) that provides high-accuracy alignment and registration capabilities. DAINIPPON VM 2010's state-of-the-art image and particle analysis processing capabilities are designed to help users improve throughput while ensuring higher accuracy. Its innovative process control algorithms enable automatic recognition of known wafer defects and variations, helping to reduce false yield losses. Additionally, the asset is designed to generate comprehensive reports with high-resolution data for further analysis. VM-2010 offers a user-friendly Windows-based control model with touch-screen technology for ease of use. It is equipped with a powerful optical microscope for rapid viewing of structures and organisms under high resolution. The equipment also offers completely integrated motion control options and automation capabilities. DNS / DAINIPPON VM 2010's revolutionary platform has been designed to meet the current and future needs of IC/MEMS manufacturers. The system utilizes cutting-edge technology and offers advanced precision and productivity features for increased efficiency and lower operational costs. The unit supports a wide variety of image formats, resolutions, and other features to ensure optimum performance throughout the fabrication and test processes.
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