Used DNS / DAINIPPON VM-2110 #9148314 for sale

ID: 9148314
DNS / DAINIPPON VM-2110 is a high-precision wafer testing and metrology equipment used for both analytical and metrology grade wafer testing. The system is capable of detecting micron sized defects in high-volume wafer production and supports both visual and tactile inspections for both product yields and process improvement activities. DNS VM-2110 is an efficient and cost-effective unit for testing and inspecting wafers. DAINIPPON VM-2110 machine employs an image recognition tool which utilizes a high-resolution CCD camera to track images of the wafer and to help detect even the smallest irregularities. The asset also features a proprietary visual inspection software package which ensures both high accuracy and repeatability during inspections. Additionally, the model is equipped with an adjustable light source that provides an accurate and reliable representation of the wafers for analysis. The equipment also has numerous utility features that are beneficial for testing and metrology grade wafers. It has a manual sample handling system that allows for quick assessments of sample uniformity and sharpness. It is also equipped with an automated sample feeder that helps streamline the process. VM-2110 has an intuitive control panel that provides easy-to-use and convenient access to the different commands and settings. The unit also has the capability to collect both data and images in real time. It is capable of capturing all relevant data points that are then compiled into a comprehensive report which can be both printed or saved for future reference. Furthermore, the machine supports a wide variety of connectivity methods including, Ethernet, USB, and Wifi for both long and short-distance data transfer. Overall DNS / DAINIPPON VM-2110 is a versatile wafer testing and metrology tool that is capable of providing accurate analysis and reliable results. The asset's intuitive user interface, advanced image recognition model, and manual and automated sample handling capabilities make it both cost-effective and efficient for high-volume wafer production. With its versatile features and reliable results, DNS VM-2110 is an ideal equipment for both service level and metrology grade wafer testing.
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