Used DNS / DAINIPPON VM-8000J #9148235 for sale

ID: 9148235
Vintage: 2001
Film thickness measurement system 2001 vintage.
DNS / DAINIPPON VM-8000J is a wafer testing and metrology equipment. It has been designed to provide high-precision, high-speed, and high-throughput measurement solutions for a wide range of semiconductor wafers and other flat surfaces. The system utilizes advanced imaging and alignment techniques, such as laser interferometry, to ensure accurate, high-resolution measurements of wafer surfaces. DNS VM-8000J offers a wide range of measurements including wafer flatness, surface profile, surface scratch, defect detection, step height, step size, image contrast-to-noise ratio, and surface roughness. DAINIPPON VM-8000J also features a variety of options to allow it to be tailored to the specific requirements of various applications. These include a variety of lens and sampling combinations, customizable measurements and settings, CCD cameras, LED array illuminations, and innovative surface measurement modules. Additionally, the unit boasts advanced data and image processing capabilities as well as comprehensive wafer analysis software packages for data analysis and report generation. It is also supported by a number of dedicated tools for customer-specific automation and requirements as well as a range of accessories and components. The machine has a wide range of features, including automated wafer loading, positioning, and alignment; variable speed motorized focus and measurement; zoom lens for detailed inspection; optical and manual probe selection; selectable flatness or profile measurement; and operator interface for wafer setup parameters. Furthermore, the tool is designed to deliver highly uniform results, repeatability, and low noise levels. Overall, VM-8000J is an advanced wafer testing and metrology asset designed to provide quality and reliable performance, enabling users to obtain the high-precision results they require for a wide range of wafer and surface measure applications. Its intuitive design is perfect for users from different industries and its highly customizable capabilities mean it can be adjusted to fit different customer needs. As such, the model is an excellent choice for a wide range of wafer testing and metrology applications.
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