Used DNS / DAINIPPON VM-8200 #9226929 for sale

ID: 9226929
Wafer Size: 8"
Thickness measurement systems, 8".
DNS / DAINIPPON VM-8200 wafer testing and metrology equipment, developed by Daikin Nippon, is designed to accommodate a wide range of wafer sizes, allowing for full area metrology and defect testing even on smallest dies. The system offers an advanced user experience combined with efficient design and leading-edge technology, making it a powerful and authoritative tool for semiconductor applications. The comprehensive motor and imaging unit allows for non-contact, non-destructive measurements which are highly accurate, repeatable and reliable. By accurately performing optical tests, DNS VM-8200 can quickly detect and quantitatively measure the shapes and angles of geometric features, such as line and space patterns and the three-dimensional structure of a wafer. As a result, the machine provides comprehensive metrology insight and an excellent image validation necessary not only for production but also for research and development. The automated nature of the tool helps minimize the time spent on low-value tasks, such as loading and unloading test samples, thus reducing costs and improving efficiency. To ensure a high standard of testing results, the asset supports advanced data analysis functions and can be easily operated with a simple mouse. The diagnostics features available on DAINIPPON VM 8200 allow measurement systems to be monitored and maintained on a regular basis, guaranteeing maximum performance, accuracy and reliability even through long-term use. In addition, the powerful edge recognition feature gives VM-8200 the ability to efficiently identify complex feature sets from a wide range of samples, such as IC Chips, ceramic packages and other high-precision products. Moreover, different measurement methods such as CCD line scanning to high accuracy atomic force microscopy (AFM) and topography mapping can be configured and performed using VM 8200 model. Overall, DNS VM 8200 is an essential tool for high-precision wafer testing and metrology. It provides accurate and reliable on-wafer measurement data, allowing manufacturers to achieve the highest standards of product quality while reducing costs and improving efficiency. With its powerful and advanced features, it is the ideal equipment for a wide range of IC manufacturing applications.
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