Used E+H METROLOGY MX203-6 #9198431 for sale

ID: 9198431
Wafer Size: 6"
Wafer geometry system, 6".
The E+H METROLOGY E+H METROLOGY MX203-6 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is a leading edge, high-accuracy system for measuring the profile and size of integrated circuit chips. The unit utilizes a proprietary optical loup to provide a high degree of accuracy in the chip dimensions. The optics are manually adjustable with customizable options for chip sizes, including large wafer areas. The machine features a two-stage metrology workflow for wafer profile metrology, the first step being to measure the wafer boundaries relative to the chip size, as well as to accurately characterize the wafer's topological features. A second step of the workflow is dedicated to the characterization of the chip's individual circuits and their respective dimensions, providing the highest levels of accuracy possible. E+H METROLOGY MX 203-6 utilizes an advanced optical sensing tool to measure the chip's profile. The asset is able to detect the angle, width, depth, and height of the chip's profile from any point within the wafer area, making it an ideal model for large wafer areas. Additionally, the equipment combines its high accuracy optics with advanced algorithms to accurately detect the chip's layers, sizes, and shapes. Using the advanced optical cavity technology, MX203-6 Wafer Testing and Metrology System, offers accuracy to a few nanometers. With this technology, the unit can detect even a single nanometer of variation in any corner of the wafer. This makes the machine extremely useful in inspecting for defects or any other irregularities that would be difficult to identify through conventional techniques. The tool is also equipped with a multitude of automated features, such as automatic amplification and refocusing, as well as a variety of image analysis tools that can be used to measure the chip profile. Additionally, the asset has a convenient self-calibration mechanism that simplifies the setup process. The E+H METROLOGY MX 203-6 Wafer Testing and Metrology Model provides chip makers with a tool to accurately measure wafer profile and size, as well as detect defects. With its advanced optics and automated features, the equipment offers high accuracy and convenience, making it an ideal choice for chip makers.
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