Used EPIPLUS / ETAMAX PL+ M100 #9000233 for sale

ID: 9000233
Wafer Size: 2"-4"
Vintage: 2010
Photoluminescence mapping metrology system, 2"-4" Manual PL for use with blue and UV LEDs Currently set up for 2" wafers and can run 4" as well This is a combination of the EpiPlus and EtoMax hardware/software and running as an EtoMax Platom manual loading system System operates in dual mode measuring both PL and thickness at the same time System measures PL(Blue), PL (UV), PL + RF and RF Software allows for custom susceptor design to display result per wafer loaded pockets Comes with Plato User Guide & Pl + M100 Operation Manual 2010 vintage.
EPIPLUS / ETAMAX PL+ M100 is a high-performance wafer testing and metrology equipment that offers cutting-edge solutions for advanced semiconductor fabrication applications. It is equipped with a laser-based optical metrology system which is capable of measuring a wide range of parameter sets, from surface structure characteristics, depth, and height of features, to the three-dimensional electrical measurements of depth, electric field, and doping concentration of devices. The unique 8-axis unit of ETAMAX enables users to perform contactless measurements of features which would be impossible to obtain using conventional tools. The high-resolution optical head achieves excellent accuracy in terms of feature size and profile measurement. The machine is also capable of measuring a range of parameters such as line width, critical dimension, overlay errors, and sidewall angle. The tool also boasts an integrated software suite which provides a range of powerful features, including autofocus, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for character recognition, and optical scan reversal, allowing users to easily measure critical devices and trace lines. The software is also capable of performing high-precision measurements, ensuring precise control of critical dimension, alignment, and overlay errors in order to increase yield. ETAMAX PL+ M100 is specifically designed to be easy-to-use, with an intuitive user interface which allows operators to operate the asset quickly even among untrained staff. It can also be used to perform a range of applications including wafer probing, defect identification, and photo resist thickness measurements. In conclusion, EPIPLUS PL+ M100 is a powerful and reliable tool for semiconductor applications. Its unique 8-axis model and integrated software suite make it a perfect solution for professional testing and metrology needs. Its versatility and ease-of-use ensure the equipment can be used by users of all skills levels.
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