Used EXTRACTION SYSTEMS INC 1000 #159331 for sale

ID: 159331
Vapor sorb profile.
EXTRACTION SYSTEMS INC 1000 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to quickly and accurately measure wafer-level device structure and material quality. The multisensor metrology platform provides fast and reliable measurement processes to ensure high quality and consistency for life-critical products. The system consists of two primary components - a high-performance X-ray unit and an integrated automated metrology station. The X-ray machine produces accurate, repeatable, and traceable X-ray images for a variety of materials and properties. It is capable of measuring significant physical properties such as surface roughness, material thickness, surface topography, grain structure, and chemical composition. The automated metrology station includes advanced non-contact sensors that enable fast and reliable measurements of both directly observable features as well as subtle internal features. The station is integrated with powerful software to enable control and monitoring of the measurement process. 1000 provides highly sensitive and repeatable measurements, accurate positional information, and responsive automated analyses. It is built with advanced optical and image processing technology, ensuring reliable and accurate measurements. The motion control components are designed to provide low noise and high-stability in the measurements and allow for the tool to be quickly set up and tuned. The asset is equipped with high-precision detectors to measure signals and accumulation capabilities to increase accuracy over multiple iterative measurements. The integrated software package provides comprehensive graphical analysis for easy interpretation and evaluation of data. It allows for surface area/volume calculation, feature localization, and defect analysis. EXTRACTION SYSTEMS INC 1000 is also capable of generating detailed statistical analysis of results and making data available for further analysis. The model is designed for use in research, production, and quality assurance environments, providing the flexibility needed for a user's specific application. 1000 is an ideal solution for users seeking for an efficient and reliable way to evaluate material quality. It combines high precision, reliability, and a wide range of features to deliver accurate, repeatable, and traceable measurements of wafer device structure and material quality. It enables users to generate high quality data quickly and accurately in order to ensure quality products.
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