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FARO is a leading manufacturer of 3D measurement and imaging solutions, including wafer testing and metrology equipment. These systems are designed to accurately measure and analyze the dimensions and properties of wafers used in semiconductor manufacturing processes. FARO's wafer testing and metrology units utilize advanced optical and laser scanning technologies to capture precise 3D data of the wafers. This data is then processed and analyzed using software algorithms to provide detailed measurements of various parameters such as thickness, flatness, roughness, and surface defects. These machines are essential in ensuring the quality and performance of wafers, as well as detecting any potential issues that may affect the manufacturing processes. One of FARO's wafer testing and metrology tools is the 3D Platinum, which offers high-resolution scanning and superior accuracy. It is suitable for applications that require extremely precise measurements, such as in the production of advanced microchips. Another system is the Gage, which provides fast and reliable measurement capabilities for general wafer inspection tasks. The Gage Plus is an enhanced version of the Gage system, offering additional features and functionality for more advanced measurement requirements. Advantages of FARO's wafer testing and metrology assets include their high accuracy, fast data acquisition, and user-friendly interface. These models allow manufacturers to improve production efficiency, reduce manufacturing defects, and ensure the quality of their wafers. Overall, FARO's wafer testing and metrology equipment are trusted by semiconductor manufacturers worldwide for their precision and reliability, offering a range of solutions to meet various measurement needs in the industry.

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