Used FILMETRICS F20 #9216774 for sale

ID: 9216774
Thin film analyzer.
FILMETRICS F20 wafer testing and metrology equipment is a powerful and reliable solution that provides accurate results for a variety of semiconductor manufacturing processes. FILMETRICS F 20 system is designed to provide intelligent, automated data analysis for wafer testing, as well as inspection and metrology applications. This comprehensive unit can handle a variety of sample sizes ranging from 4" to 300 millimeter wafers. F20 comes equipped with a combination of hardware and software features designed to make wafer testing and metrology measurements easier and faster than ever before. It includes a variety of optical inspection systems and a stage that can allow for non-contact sensors when applicable. It is also capable of performing a variety of tests to ensure a variety of different parameters meet accuracy and reliability requirements. These tests include CD/line width measurements, overlay measurements, film thicknesses, and resistivities. F 20 has a comprehensive data acquisition machine with built-in sensing, image analysis, and edge location algorithms. This tool is capable of collecting data in real-time, meaning that testing is able to begin immediately after the sample has been loaded onto the stage. The asset also provides various tools and features for post-collection analysis. These tools allow users to review data quickly and accurately. The data in FILMETRICS F20 model is stored securely and in a variety of formats, allowing for easy access and retrieval. The equipment also features automated scripting and positioning to allow for quick and easy testing. Automated scripting allows users to accurately repeat the same tests without any re-inputting data or manipulation. Automated positioning ensures that the sample is correctly oriented for optical tests and ensures accuracy. Finally, FILMETRICS F 20 system is designed for maximum reliability and safety. It is constructed using durable materials, and safety compliance is ensured with a number of safeguards in place. Its high-quality design and components also provide superior results with minimal maintenance. Overall, F20 wafer testing and metrology unit is an effective and reliable solution that provides a comprehensive and accurate solution for wafer testing and metrology applications. It features built-in image analysis and data acquisition systems and automated scripting and positioning features that make testing faster and easier, as well as secure data storage for easy and convenient retrieval. With its sturdy construction and safety features, F 20 machine is an ideal choice for any semiconductor manufacturing application.
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