Used FILMETRICS F80 #9188630 for sale

ID: 9188630
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 2008
Thickness measurement system, 8" 2008 vintage.
FILMETRICS F80 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment specifically designed for applications such as precision structural analysis, thin film measurements, and optical characterization. The system utilizes a combination of advanced optics, software, and hardware to offer a robust solution for measuring thin films and related properties. FILMETRICS F 80 benefits from an advanced imaging unit consisting of a distortion-free, manual focus 10X camera with a resolution up to 2 µm coupled to a microscopic lens. The machine then utilizes image processing algorithms to measure, qualify, and map thin film properties. Additionally, F80 features an automated XYZ stage for positioning and navigation, as well as the ability to switch between various illumination sources including bright field or dark field for measurements of phase or reflectance. For precision thin film measurements, F 80 comes pre-loaded with a range of measurement standards for dielectric thin films. It also comes standard with a series of spectral filters allowing for analysis of absorptive and refractive thin films through spectral scans. The filters offer both UV and IR wavelengths, while the tool is equipped with spectral scanning capabilities for a range of wavelengths. For applications such as optical characterization, FILMETRICS F80 is loaded with a customized library of imaging tools. This allows users to measure, quantify, and map optical properties such as grain size, nanostructure, and surface roughness. The asset also features an advanced series of focus adjustment tools for improved contrast and accuracy in measurements. FILMETRICS F 80 is an excellent choice for research and industrial applications requiring highly accurate and reliable thin film measurements. Its combination of advanced optics, precise software, and intuitive automation makes it a top choice for precision thin film metrology.
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