Used FILMTEK 2000 #9210308 for sale

ID: 9210308
Wafer Size: 6"
SCI Film thickness and reflectivity measurement system, 6".
FILMTEK 2000 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment developed by Schlumberger AG, a leading provider of advanced metrology solutions. It is designed to help manufacturers better understand microelectronic components, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of production and reliability. The system uses several different instruments and techniques to measure a variety of properties, such as wafer thickness, surface roughness, refractive indices, and numerous other relevant characteristics. These measurements are then used to determine the complexity, cost, and performance of the device. The unit consists of two components: the first is a vibration isolation machine, which is used to reduce the effects of vibration on the measurements. This is done by placing a vibration plate over the metrology tool. The second is a computer-controlled vision asset, which is used to measure the properties of the components. The model uses several different techniques to measure the properties of the components, such as interferometry, optical diffraction, laser profilometry, and scatterometry. All of these techniques are designed to accurately measure the exact properties of the components. The equipment is also capable of analyzing the wafers and providing 3D images of the wafers. This allows for visualization of the structure of the components, allowing for more thorough testing. In addition, the system can provide quick results, making the process much faster and easier. Overall, 2000 is an advanced metrology unit that helps manufacturers to create reliable and high-quality components. It allows for a more thorough and accurate testing process, providing detailed insights into the components that will be used in the manufacturing process. This helps to reduce the cost, complexity, and overall performance of the components, ensuring that customers receive a product that meets their expectations.
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