Used FISCHER MP 0D #9086676 for sale

ID: 9086676
Coating thickness measurement system.
FISCHER MP 0D is a high-end wafer testing and metrology equipment used for metrological processing of semiconductor wafers. The system is a three-axis, motorized-stage platform and supports a number of probes for a variety of metrology applications. The unit offers a wide range of metrology and test applications, including pitch, CD, topography, metrology patterning, micro-scale CD measurements, overlay measurements, thickness analysis, and a number of defect detection methods. The integrated complete inspection and metrology process helps to ensure quality in wafer manufacturing and helps improve overall wafer yield. MP 0D uses high-resolution imaging and intelligent illumination technologies to conduct precise critical dimension measurements, wafer analysis, and defect detection. The machine is equipped with an advanced navigation tool that allows for fast and accurate scanning, processing, and manipulation of the analysis data. The advanced imaging asset produces highly accurate scanning results with a resolution of 10nm and an accuracy of 1 nm. The model offers fully automated operation and is designed to simplify workflows with its touch-screen interface. Its advanced search capabilities can identify and target defects in specific areas quickly and easily. Additionally, the equipment provides an intelligent software suite with a library of advanced analytical formulas that simplifies the execution of complicated metrology operations. FISCHER MP 0D also offers advanced reporting capabilities to enable rapid feedback to engineers, manufacturers, and quality assurance teams. This reporting system uses standard reports, custom reports, and process-specific reports to provide detailed information on the agreement between the process, the wafers, the unit and the customer's requirements. The machine enables manufacturers to quickly assess production levels, identify defective wafers, identify patterns, and improve production processes. As the world's leading automated wafer-testing and metrology tool, MP 0D gives manufacturers the tools to confidently produce highly reliable wafers in a cost-effective manner.
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