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FORCE Step-4
ID: 9059527
Vintage: 2012
Surface profilier 2012 vintage.
FORCE Step-4 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment providing comprehensive physical, electrical and optical analysis data of advanced semiconductor devices. The system comprises two main components: the precision motion control unit and the advanced metrology machine. The motion control tool consists of ten, three-axis stages that control position, rotation and size. It ensures precise alignment and scanning, as well as robust handling throughout the process of measuring multiple parameters from a single sample. The advanced metrology asset comprises the electron beam microscope, the laser scan unit, the electric laser profiler, the optical spectrometer, and the spin coating module. The electron beam microscope provides high resolution images of the wafer under testing and can be used to measure surface topography as well as to inspect for defects. The laser scan unit allows for rapid surface mapping and a full characterization of surface features. The electric laser profiler allows for sub-micron measurement accuracy and is especially good for characterizing fine stress gradients or improving the resolution of surface maps. The optical spectrometer can characterize different materials layers on the wafer's surface. Finally, the spin coating module is used to apply uniform layers of material onto the wafer, allowing for further analysis of these layers. In addition, Step-4 includes numerous software capabilities that allow for automated, accurate and repeatable analysis of wafers. These tools range from basic statistical analysis tools such as data filtering to complex analysis correlated with a reference database. The software is highly efficient and user-friendly, with a modern graphical interface and optimized measurement procedures. FORCE Step-4 is designed for maximum reliability and repeatability of wafer test and metrology results. It conforms to the industry standards for data quality control and can be easily integrated into any production line. This model is a powerful and essential tool for the fields of semiconductor high-performance device development and production, and is already being used in major industries all over the world.
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