Used FORMULA HF3 #9101877 for sale

ID: 9101877
Metrology testing system.
FORMULA HF3 is an integrated wafer testing and metrology equipment from Nanometrics that is designed to quantify electrical, material, and surface properties of semiconductor wafers, die, and resistance structures. The system provides advanced capabilities for profiling, monitoring, and optimizing product development, process control, and yield analysis. HF3 combines optical and capacitance scanning with test and metrology algorithms to measure a wide range of parameters, including oxidation, film thickness, crystal lattice spacing, grain structure, dopant concentration, and more. This advanced technology can detect very small changes in physical properties, enabling rapid and reliable evaluation of process and product performance. The unit's measurements are very accurate, with the industry-leading accuracy of 0.3nm in eight-sample templates. It also offers an assortment of test cells and probes, enabling the user to select the best tool for the job. The machine's advanced automation capabilities and intuitive user interfaces help minimize setup and error-prone procedures, allowing for dependable and efficient testing. The tool also has a powerful visualization and data management tool, which offers a central point for importing, visualizing, and comparing data. This advanced software also facilitates reporting and analysis of measurement data for a variety of technologies, including Hall effect, Etch Rate, Growth Rates, Intrinsic Property Analysis and more. FORMULA HF3 is an ideal solution for customers seeking a high-performance and reliable testing and metrology solution for their wafer and semiconductor production. It is backed by an experienced support team and backed by a durable warranty, easily upholding its reputation as one of the most trusted systems in the industry. The asset is designed to provide fast, accurate, and reliable results on wafers, packages, and devices, ensuring high yields and optimized production.
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