Used FORMULA R #9101879 for sale

ID: 9101879
Metrology testing system.
FORMULA R is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to streamline yield monitoring and process optimization. It offers a unique combination of wafer testing, metrology, and yield analysis capabilities that enable users to measure, analyze and report on wafer yield and process variability. The system uses patented conductive and non-conductive transducers to detect and measure electrical signals from both the active and passive layers of wafers. It is designed to achieve superior accuracy and repeatability even on challenging copper pad structures. The transducers are also engineered to minimize thermal drift, ensuring a consistent measurement environment. The unit also includes a powerful software suite that allows operators to quickly measure, analyze, and report on wafer yield data. It offers a highly configurable test environment which provides flexibility and automation to optimize testing and reporting. The wafer test report output can be easily customized to provide exact levels of detail desired by the user. In addition, R offers a wafer metrology capability that measures wafer geometries, line widths, and feature shapes. It also provides the ability to measure thickness of copper films, which helps to detect quality issues in the manufacturing process. The metrology data can also be included in wafer yield analysis to identify and track wafer manufacturing defects. The machine is designed for use in a variety of production and research applications including manufacturers of SiP, RF, and LED products. It offers a comprehensive solution that maximizes wafer test throughput and accuracy while minimizing test set-up and cycle times. The tool is user friendly and provides an intuitive interface for controlling all functions. Overall, FORMULA R is a powerful and reliable tool for yield monitoring and process optimization. Its combination of wafer testing and metrology capabilities provide a comprehensive solution for fabrication and yield analysis, ensuring accurate and reliable results. The asset is backed by world-class customer support, ensuring that users can get the most out of their model for increased process efficiency and improved yield.
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