Used FORMULA TT #9101880 for sale

ID: 9101880
Metrology testing system.
FORMULA TT is a wafer testing and metrology equipment developed by ROCK Semiconductor Technologies. It is designed to provide accurate, repeatable, and high-speed testing and metrology for a wide range of semiconductor wafer substrates including SOI, 3D ICs, HBLEDs, multiple bonded wafers, and more. The system consists of two major components: the Probe-and-Image (PAI) module and the measurement module. The PAI module provides precise and repeatable placement of the probe tip during testing. It has a high-precision positioning unit to ensure that probes accurately contact the test substrate without distortion or misalignment. The measurement module is where the actual test and metrology take place. It measures the voltage, current, temperature, and other electrical signals on the wafer substrate. This module also has sophisticated algorithms to analyze these signals, allowing advanced parametric tests and measurements to be performed. The machine also provides tool-level diagnostics and control functions for enhanced accuracy and performance. It offers both online and offline testing, allowing fast turnaround to maximize yields. It is possible to scan test multiple substrates quickly and accurately with a single asset, making it an ideal solution for high-volume semiconductor manufacturing. The model is also equipped with a graphical user interface (GUI) for easy navigation. The GUI allows users to easily access the equipment's features and settings in the shortest possible time. It also features a data viewer that enables users to review measured wafer data at any time. Overall, TT is an excellent system for high-volume wafer testing and metrology. Its high accuracy and performance, plus ease of use make it an ideal solution for semiconductor manufacturing and research purposes.
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