Used FOUR DIMENSIONS 280 #200802 for sale

ID: 200802
Four point prober, 8" With head.
FOUR DIMENSIONS 280 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to analyze thin-film deposition and substrate characterization. The system is capable of delivering highly precise measurements of uniformity, thickness, roughness, stress, and composition of thin films. The unit is equipped with powerful capabilities, such as multi-sensor surface characterization, multi-dimensional scanning, and advanced data acquisition and summation algorithms. The core element of 280 is the X-Y stage for precise stage movements for sampling in a variety of substrates and sample sizes. The advanced stage management machine is provided by a high-end, closed- loop controller. The tool also includes 6-axis surface scanning ability, which allows detailed characterization of thin film surfaces and composition with the help of a sophisticated metrology software. The asset comes equipped with several different sensors, such as quartz detectors, photodiodes, Ellipsometry detectors and optical spectrometers. Quartz detectors measure the thickness and composition of thin films while photodiodes measure the light reflected from the sample. The Ellipsometry detectors measure the phase and polarization of the light from the sample, which is useful for measuring stress and crystallinity in thin films. The optical spectrometers measure the dimensions and reflectivity of the sample surface. FOUR DIMENSIONS 280 features data acquisition and analysis tools powered by high-performance graphical hardware and a comprehensive set of software tools. The model also includes advanced data post-processing and image reconstruction tools for further characterization of the thin film or substrate. Data acquired from 280 equipment can be represented in various analysis forms such as graphical, textual, statistical, and numerical. The system's comprehensive graphical representation capabilities enable the user to easily and quickly interpret the data collected. This data can be used to make decisions about sample characteristics, process parameters, or implementation of corrective actions. In summary, FOUR DIMENSIONS 280 wafer testing and metrology unit is a valuable solution for precision thin film and substrate characterization. With its advanced data acquisition and analysis tools, as well as its multi-sensor characterization, scanning, and post-processing capabilities, the machine is an effective and reliable tool for analyzing and analyzing thin film deposition and substrate characterization.
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