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Manual prober.
FOUR DIMENSIONS FPP 100 wafer testing and metrology equipment is a versatile device that utilizes a combination of specialized hardware and computer software to measure the characteristics of wafers and other materials on the nanometer scale. The system is capable of performing tasks such as defect inspection, thickness measurement, surface topography, and critical dimension (CD) measurements. FPP 100 is composed of a high-resolution microscope, a sophisticated scanning stage, and a measurement platform that can be easily optimized for different substrates. At the heart of FOUR DIMENSIONS FPP 100 lies a high-resolution microscope, which is the backbone of the unit and is equipped with an automated switching machine. The microscope can rapidly switch between two different magnifications, thus ensuring that the entire wafer is inspected quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the microscope provides imagery at up to +/-0.5µm resolution with sufficient clarity to properly assess long range distributions. To accurately measure the surface topography of the wafer, FPP 100 utilizes a sophisticated scanning stage known as XYZ Scanning. This tool allows for precise movements of the wafer in the x, y, and z directions, ensuring that the topography is accurately sampled in tiny increments. Furthermore, the scanning asset uses a relatively low magnification so that the drive forces remain low, thus reducing the risk of damage during measurement. Finally, equipped with a sophisticated measurement platform, FOUR DIMENSIONS FPP 100 is able to accurately measure the wafer's lateral and vertical characteristics with precision and efficiency. The platform is equipped with specialized tools such as darkfield/brightfield visual inspection, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), spectroscopic ellipsometry, and various other techniques. It is even equipped to perform defect inspection using specialized algorithms. In summary, FPP 100 wafer testing and metrology model is a powerful device that utilizes sophisticated hardware and software to measure the characteristics of wafers and other material. By using specialized imaging and scanning systems, FOUR DIMENSIONS FPP 100 is able to accurately measure wafer surface topography, thickness, and critical dimensions. Furthermore, the equipment is equipped with various measurement and inspection techniques, making it a versatile tool capable of addressing a variety of nanometer-scale measurement tasks.
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