Used FRT MicroProf 200 #9219844 for sale

FRT MicroProf 200
ID: 9219844
Vintage: 2013
TTV-4 Measurement system 2013 vintage.
FRT MicroProf 200 delivers precise, high-resolution measurements of surface topography, texture and other surface features for wafers. This equipment uses an automated XY-stage with a precision air bearing for smooth and stable motion. The included high-resolution microscope lens ensures accurate measurements down to the sub-micron level with minimal distortion. The system is designed for wafer testing and metrology, allowing for precise visual inspection of photomask and wafer surfaces. The integrated software enables data acquisition from various video sources and laser scanners, and features powerful analysis and imaging capabilities. This unit comes equipped with an automated XY-stage, incorporating a four-wheels drive mechanism for smooth movement, and a precision air bearing for precise positioning and tracking. The stage is programmed to automatically move the sample to predefined magnifications, exposure settings, etc., eliminating the need for manual intervention. It also includes a high-resolution microscope lens to accurately capture finer details on the surface of the sample. In addition, MicroProf 200 comes with a powerful software package for data acquisition, analysis and imaging. The data can be acquired from various video sources, including CCD and CMOS sensors, as well as laser scanners. The software features multi-channel analysis of up to 100 channels for quick analysis of data. It also features powerful image processing algorithms for obtaining clear and accurate images of the sample. FRT MicroProf 200 enables precise and reliable measurement of surface topography, texture, and other surface features on wafers. This machine is designed to be used in a production environment with its durable construction, reliable operation, and easy maintenance. Its versatile software makes it ideal for photomask and wafer measuring and inspecting, providing an efficient and accurate solution for the wafer production industry.
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