Used FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 128 #9188871 for sale

ID: 9188871
Wafer Size: 6"
Vintage: 2005
Stress measurement system, 6" FSM Stress gauge 2005 vintage.
FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 128 equipment is a wafer testing and metrology system used to measure and validate a variety of devices on semiconductor wafers. It offers a high-resolution, automated and robust solution for wafer mapping, process control, and yield management for integrated circuits and optoelectronic components. The unit includes a scan arm assembly with integrated vibration isolation along with an integrated motor drive and position sensor, wafer stage, multiple wafer holders, an optical microscope, an LED inspection light source, and image capture and analysis software. Its high-speed scan arm and multiple wafer holder configurations can accommodate up to twelve single-sized wafers or 4x2 double-sized wafers simultaneously. The integrated microscope contains a high-resolution depth-of-field optics with LED illumination for alignment detection and image capture. The specimen size can range from 4mm to 200mm with an accuracy of up to 1 micron in both axes. Images can be displayed in 8-bit or 24-bit RGB color for visualization. For image analysis, the machine uses a variety of measurements and algorithms to accurately measure and analyze complex structures. Advanced algorithms for defect detection or enhanced visibility can be applied to the selected areas for further analysis. A variety of image filtering techniques such as contrast adjustment, color reduction, edge detection, and masking are also supported. The tool offers comprehensive reporting capabilities to provide a detailed picture of the condition of the wafer, including statistical and diagnostic information. It also includes a wide range of post-processing and data analysis features including multiple criteria-based sorting of defects and re-targetable defect maps. Overall, FSM 128 asset is a versatile and highly capable wafer testing and metrology tool that's designed for use in automated production processes and chip development, and is capable of producing detailed analysis and reportage of the condition of the wafer. Its combination of high-resolution optical microscope and LED light source with advanced imaging and analysis capabilities makes it a critical component for modern semiconductor technology.
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