Used FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 128L C2C #9191116 for sale

ID: 9191116
Vintage: 2002
Film stress measurement system Wafer bow Dual ASYST FOUP loaders, 12" 2D & 3D Wafer mapping Auto dual laser switching for maximum flexibility Auto thickness measurement Brooks robot, 017-0266-01 Controller, 002-9400-04 Pre aligner, 017-0266-01 2002 vintage.
FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 128L C2C is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for the assessment of semiconductor test wafers. The system operates in a high-speed, variable temperature environment, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of semiconductor wafers. FSM 128L C2C provides precise control of the wafer's temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure during the entire measurement process, ensuring accurate results. FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 128LC2C is composed of 3 major components—a wafer testing stage, measurement stage, and a motor and control unit. The wafer testing stage supports a wide range of sample shapes, sizes, and materials and is capable of testing wafers up to a maximum of 128mm in diameter. The measurement stage is equipped with both optical and electrical sensing capabilities to accurately measure resistance, current, capacitance, bridge tests, and other electrical metrics. Finally, the motor and control machine is responsible for controlling the operation of the testing and measurement stages, allowing for programmable, automated data acquisition and on-board metrology analysis. In addition to the above components, FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 128L C2C also offers a range of features for improved wafer sorting and monitoring. The tool is equipped with built-in cameras and software for easy in-line wafer alignment and sorting. It also supports integrated data analysis, providing users with the necessary tools to identify and isolate defective components on a test wafer. Finally, the automated segmentation of each wafer into individually measured sites allows for highly accurate, granular data reporting. Overall, FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 128LC2C is a feature-rich, versatile testing and metrology asset designed to enable precise testing of semiconductor test wafers. With its high-speed, variable temperature operation coupled with robust data reporting and analysis tools, FSM 128LC2C is the ideal model for ensuring consistent and reliable semiconductor production.
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