Used FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 128L #293595238 for sale

ID: 293595238
Wafer Size: 12"
Film stress measurement system, 12" Desktop computer Connection cable Interface board.
FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 128L is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed specifically for semiconductor fabrication processes. The system makes use of a full-aperture imaging reflectometer that utilizes the latest hybrid scanning technology to provide excellent resolution and reasonable accuracy. The unit can be used for process development, production, and process characterization and control. It features sub-micron resolution and a highly repeatable, automated process chamber for photomask alignments, critical photolithography parameters, and process optimization. Additionally, the machine enables the processing of very small features, new materials, and complex device sizing and characterization. The tool is capable of analyzing device parameters from over 300 different types of semiconductor devices, including process-integrated and device-level electrical characteristics measurements. It can measure parameters such as leakage current, ohmic contact resistances, flatband voltages, and electrical thresholds. With its vibrating mirror and prism-based optical configuration, FSM 128L can control spot location and intensity independently of each other, resulting in extremely reliable data with accuracies in the low parts-per-million (PPM) range. The asset has an integrated optical metrology capability and a dedicated host computer. FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 128L also offers advanced metrology capabilities. It has the ability to identify and measure and study performance-related properties of surface defect structures at the statistical, element, feature and device level. By combining wafer surface image analysis, x-y stage scanning, longitudinal scans, and cross-sectional scans, the model can collect data for a variety of in-process applications. The equipment is extremely easy to use and manage. Its intuitive graphical interface allows for simple yet powerful operation of the system. The user can easily create and delete recipes for wafer testing, as well as access existing ones for viewing or editing. 128L is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology unit that excels at process development, production, process characterization and control, and metrology. With its high accuracy, repeatability, ease of use, and advanced metrology capabilities, it is an excellent choice for any semiconductor fabrication process.
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