Used FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 8800 #56901 for sale

ID: 56901
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FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 8800 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment made by FSM/FRONTIER to measure various properties of semiconductors. It provides complete testing and analysis of semiconductor wafers during their manufacture, enabling necessary adjustments to be made to enhance the quality of the final product. FSM 8800 consists of two main functional parts: a testing station and a metrology station. The testing station is used for verifying the accuracy and uniformity of wafer parameters. It is designed to quickly test a range of parameters including resistance, voltage, current, and capacitance. It is capable of testing from 0 to 5 volts DC and a maximum of 150 nA current. The metrology station measures physical features such as topography, thickness, surface roughness, texture, and electrical properties. It is capable of measuring feature sizes down to the nanometer level. FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 8800 system has several features that make it ideal for wafer testing and metrology. It is equipped with a multi-channel optical interface that can quickly acquire wafer data. This data can be analyzed with the included software, which enables engineers to find short circuits, lower resistances, high current densities, and other problems. Additionally, the unit has a user-friendly interface that makes setup and calibration easy. 8800 machine is capable of analysis not just at the wafer level but also on individual components. It can measure the individual components' electrical properties such as resistance, voltage, current, and capacitance as well as physical features such as topography, thickness, and surface roughness. Additionally, it has the capability to detect and analyze non-uniformities due to manufacturing variances. In conclusion, FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 8800 tool is a powerful measurement and testing tool for semiconductor manufacturers. Using this asset, engineers can quickly test and measure properties related to the accuracy and uniformity of wafer parameters, topography, thickness, surface roughness, texture, resistances, voltage, current, and capacitance. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface and included software enables easy setup and analysis.
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