Used FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 8800 #9227398 for sale

ID: 9227398
Wafer Size: 8"
Stress gauges, 8".
FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 8800 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for the needs of a modern semiconductor production environment. The system employs advanced on-wafer testing techniques and has the capability to test, characterize and report a wide range of electrical, structural and optical parameters of semiconductor devices on a single device. Due to its high accuracy, FSM 8800 is well suited for high-volume testing and device characterization. It can measure parameters such as resistance, capacitance, current-voltage characteristics, mobility, carrier lifetime and more. Additionally, the unit incorporates top-of-the-line optical spectrometry features that contain numerous diffraction optics for measuring the light reflection and absorption of the device under test. The machine highlights an automated platform for highest accuracy, repeatability and high throughput. It employs a high-resolution (electron microscope) imaging measurement of structures and anomalies on the surface and within the wafer layers. It also features a host of built-in algorithms to identify and measure pattern features such as repeats, defects, size distribution and die area. FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR 8800 also includes a set of specialized software programs, such as Production Management Information Tool (PMIS), which allows users to do data analysis, monitoring and reporting, and ensure timely completion of test data. This software also enables users to effectively manage the process parameters across teststages to ensure that the device performs as expected. In addition, the asset features a back-end Process Control UI or Controller, which provides users with a unified platform for controlling the test process. It allows users to program and manage the model's devices and components, including wafers, probes, scanners and other test instruments. This feature enables users to keep track of all the components, as well as optimize the testing process as needed. Overall, 8800 is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology equipment that combines the best of traditional and advanced testing techniques. It provides users with features such as optical spectrometry, automated platform, PMIS software and process control UI, allowing for accurate, repeatable and high-throughput testing.
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