Used FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR FSM 128L #9067244 for sale

ID: 9067244
Film stress measurement system 1996 vintage.
FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR FSM 128L Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment from FSM is a purpose-built machine for wafer characterization. Designed for high throughput, high accuracy, and versatility, it provides comprehensive automated testing solutions for a variety of semiconductor wafers. The system includes a powerful PCR pre-calibration subsystem, a reconfigurable mainframe, and an advanced automation interface for integration with production lines and other automated systems. FSM FSM 128L features a 128-channel combinatorial read/write subsystem and a flexible software package that allows users to customize the unit configuration for a wide range of wafer testing operations. The machine is designed with configurable channels, enabling automatic test routine loading and efficient channel mapping. To maximize testing efficiency and accuracy, the tool includes an auto-calibration feature to ensure consistent results from wafer to wafer and provides a comprehensive report of all testing results. The asset's advanced combinational read/write subsystem further ensures accuracy and repeatability in test results, and its high accuracy signal sampling and measurement model reduces noise in the equipment measurements. Additionally, the system includes a sophisticated adaptive tracing and comparison feature, which allows automated comparison of measured data against a reference wafer. The advanced automation interface of FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR FSM 128L allows it to integrate easily with automated production lines and other machines, creating a comprehensive automated production chain that allows for rapid and cost-effective volume production. The unit also features easy-to-use GUI controls that enable non-technical users to quickly set up and alter test parameters, as well as monitor test progress. Overall, FSM 128L from FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR is an exceptionally powerful and versatile wafer testing and metrology machine. Its advanced features and technology ensure that users have the highest level of accuracy and repeatability in their test results, enabling them to better and more efficiently characterize semiconductor wafers. The easy-to-use controls and automated production integration further add to the tool's cost-efficiency and versatility, resulting in a comprehensive solution for modern wafer testing and metrology needs.
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