Used FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR FSM 413 #9159951 for sale

ID: 9159951
Vintage: 2013
Wafer thickness measurement system 2013 vintage.
FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR FSM 413 wafer testing and metrology equipment from FSM is a fully automated system designed for metrology and process control. This unit is capable of high-precision measurements on both thinned and non-thinned samples, while providing quality assurance of the wafer. FSM FSM 413's advanced optics and imaging technology provides superior imaging capabilities, with resolution down to 4nm and an optical signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of up to 800:1. The machine has a wide operating voltage range to accommodate a variety of wafers ranging from a few milliamps of current draw up to 1 amp. Furthermore, its advanced laser technology provides a wide beam diameter for measuring large areas quickly and accurately. FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR FSM 413 utilizes a monochrome CCD feature array to perform multi-channel measurements on the wafer's surface. This allows users to accurately measure and monitor the automated electrical, optical, and material properties of the wafer's surface. The measurement tool also features a high-precision mechanical stage for precise positioning of the wafer as well as providing feedback on the gauge repeatability. One of the asset's most impressive features is its fully automated wafer testing and metrology model. This equipment utilizes a proprietary auto-focus tracking system to ensure optimal image capture of each wafer in order to accurately measure parameters. It also offers a large memory capacity to store a wide variety of measurements as well as a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, which makes FSM 413 easy to use. In addition, FSM / FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR FSM 413 can be coupled to a variety of third-party hardware to allow for expanded functionality and process control. This makes it easy to integrate the unit into existing production lines and workflows. Furthermore, Frontier has developed sophisticated support software for FSM FSM 413 to provide accurate and rapid wafer testing results. Overall, FRONTIER SEMICONDUCTOR FSM 413 is an ideal solution for process control and metrology applications. Its combination of advanced optics, imaging, and automation make it a powerful tool for wafer productions and yield management.
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