Used GCA / TROPEL 9000 #51959 for sale

ID: 51959
Wafer Size: 2" - 3"
Surface flatness analyzer, 2"-3".
GCA / TROPEL 9000 is a fully automated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to meet the continually growing demands of today's wafer fabrication processes. The system combines GCA highly advanced metrology tools with TROPEL experience in providing high-accuracy optical/electronic measurements. The unit allows for a wide range of measurements of complex structures on semiconductor devices, MEMS, and optoelectronic components. It has the ability to detect and analyze patterns, defects, and other features on wafers with nanometer-scale precision. The automated algorithms and software make it easy to optimize inspection and measurement processes while maintaining high throughput and accuracy. GCA 9000 is also equipped with a powerful set of post-set up software functions. These include data analysis, mapping and reporting, image enhancement, metrics analysis, and statistical analysis, and data validation. The integrated analysis and reporting package provides accurate, reliable results while the software's user-friendly interface and automated reporting capabilities provide fast and efficient insights. TROPEL 9000 also features a "lock-in" feature for measurement traceability. This feature locks in the results and enables repeatability of the measurements taken on different days. From the log-in screen, the user can access all the stored data on previously performed measurements, allowing for easy comparison of results. The machine has a highly intuitive user interface that supports ease of use and enables data organisation, backups, and recovery of run information. 9000 is designed with a wide range of compliance and safety standards. It is equipped with a comprehensive suite of safety systems, such as overload protection and vibration monitoring, to ensure a securely configured workstation and a safe work environment. The tool is also compliant with ISO and other related international standards, ensuring that it meets the highest quality control and measurement requirements. Overall, GCA / TROPEL 9000 is an excellent asset for any organization needing an efficient and accurate method of testing and measuring wafers. It provides high accuracy, repeatability, and ease-of-use while conforming to standards and safety regulations.
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