Used GEMETEC Elymat III #9137889 for sale

ID: 9137889
Wafer Size: 12"
Electrolytical metal analysis tool, 12" Measurement precision diffusion length: 5% Over 10 repeated measurements Measurement accuracy diffusion length: 10% Compared with similar techniques Laser beam scans across silicon wafer immersed electrolytic cell (Dilute HF) With applied voltage and resulting diffusion current measured Measurement modes: BPC & FPC Diffusion current decreases due to partial recombination diffusing carriers Measuring different laser intensities allows iron to be identified.
GEMETEC Elymat III is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to enhance wafer inspection and production process control. It provides users with the ability to precisely and accurately measure the key electrical, physical, and dimensional parameters of a wafer, enabling detailed inspection of each device in a wafer. Through automation and non-contact optical mapping, it enables full-wafer imaging and data extraction. The system uses advanced monochromatic digital imaging, providing users with extremely precise imaging resolution. A mechanical platform allows for wafer scanning in various configurations. The unit is compatible with a wide range of wafer sizes, including 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, and 600mm. Additionally, its automated pattern inspection capability ensures that users can quickly and accurately measure any printed features on a wafer. The core of Elymat III is its camera unit, which uses an advanced grating-based imaging technique. This machine enables the measurement of any features on a wafer or other materials with a high resolution. The grating-based imaging also allows for electrical device testing, supporting a wide range of device types, such as grids, standard cells, and high-density structures. Another key feature of the tool is its non-contact optical mapping. This technology enables full-wafer imaging and data extraction in minutes, providing users with an accurate assessment of the whole wafer. Non-contact optical mapping also allows users to quickly and easily verify the presence of good features, detect defects, and identify electrical coupling issues. GEMETEC Elymat III offers accurate and consistent measurements of every feature on a wafer. It supports a wide range of electrical and physical parameters, such as resistivity, capacitance, and dielectric constants. The asset also offers 3D-profile characterization and contamination monitoring, allowing users to quickly optimize process conditions and minimize contamination on the wafer. Overall, Elymat III offers wafer testing and metrology capabilities with reliable accuracy and repeatability. Its wide range of features, along with its non-contact optical mapping technology, make it an ideal model for enhancing wafer inspection and process control.
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