Used GIGATECH TSA 2000 #9157659 for sale

ID: 9157659
Wafer Size: 8"
Wafer thickness measurement system, 8".
GIGATECH TSA 2000 is an automated wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides customers with fast and reliable measurements. It consists of a fully integrated hardware and software package designed to maximize the performance of a variety of wafers, including advanced materials and thin-film test devices. TSA 2000 is equipped with an advanced controller that is capable of multitasking tasks and running tests in parallel. This ensures that all tests are completed on time and within budget. Each test is then selected and administered through an intuitive interface. The system is also capable of data storage, so that errors and anomalies can be easily identified and corrected. In addition to testing, GIGATECH TSA 2000 offers additional metrology capabilities. It has a high-resolution camera that allows for a detailed inspection of the wafer, looking for defects and other anomalies. The unit also features advanced components, such as an automated wafer handler and an integrated image library for storing images acquired during the tests. The software that comes with the machine is another key feature of TSA 2000. It includes specialized algorithms to analyze the data, providing users with a detailed understanding of the characteristics of each wafer. The software is also able to generate reports and summaries, so that users can clearly view the results of each test. Overall, GIGATECH TSA 2000 is an advanced automated wafer testing and metrology tool that allows users to obtain reliable measurements for a variety of wafers. Its intuitive user interface and specialized software make it an ideal solution for users who need to conduct multiple tests at a high level of accuracy and speed.
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