Used GUARDIAN SRM-232 #9156431 for sale

ID: 9156431
Surface resistivity meter 4 Point probe Range: 0 - 1000 ohms/sq.
GUARDIAN SRM-232 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide automated, precise, accurate, and repeatable testing and measurement of semiconductor wafers and devices. SRM-232 offers unprecedented performance in wafer testing, metrology, and data analysis. It features a variety of different methodologies, including optical test and metrology, physical test and metrology, electrical test and metrology, spectral imaging, chemical test and metrology, and stress tests. This advanced technology enables the reliable testing and measurement of a wide variety of different properties at sub-micron levels. GUARDIAN SRM-232 is equipped with a highly sensitive optical imaging system, allowing it to accurately analyze optical properties without the need for additional processing. The unit also features a set of powerful image analysis algorithms, high-throughput robotic sample handling, and an extensive library of measurement algorithms and techniques. The optical microscope machine is able to measure small features of integrated circuits, such as transistor gate length, electro-optical properties, film thickness, and other physical properties. The tool is also equipped with a high-speed imaging camera to capture high-resolution images, allowing for detailed analysis of various material properties. SRM-232 also utilizes a thermal imaging asset to measure thermal stability and temperature variations across wafers. Thermal images can be easily compared with the optical images to detect any irregularity. Furthermore, GUARDIAN SRM-232 includes the ability to measure electrical properties of wafer surface by applying electrical probes. This enables the detection of electrical defects and irregularities, as well as the continuous monitoring of electro-optical characteristics. Finally, SRM-232 is also equipped with a set of dedicated software tools for data analysis and reporting. These tools provide on-the-fly and comprehensive analysis of the test results, allowing for detailed and comprehensive reports of the materials, devices, and wafer properties tested.
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