Used HANRA HRI 580L #9200946 for sale

ID: 9200946
Inspection systems.
HANRA HRI 580L wafer testing and metrology equipment is used in the semiconductor industry to perform comprehensive analysis and characterization of ICs, wafers, and components. It features a high-resolution imaging system, a multi-angle scatter test unit, and a spectrometer-based metrology unit. The imaging machine utilizes a specialized digital microscope which is capable of taking multiple images of different parts of the same wafer in rapid succession. This allows for more detailed analysis of the composition and alignment of each IC and each component. This tool also features built-in grid formation and dimensional measurements to provide quick and precise results. The multi-angle scatter test unit allows for detailed analysis of a wafer or component in three different angles. The unit measures parameters such as size, shape, and orientation of each part in order to provide information on its electrical and physical properties. This allows for the optimization of process parameters and ensures the quality of each device produced. The spectrometer-based metrology asset employs spectroscopy techniques to measure the chemical, electrical, and optical properties of a wafer or component. This model can be used for a variety of applications such as testing for defects, determining the presence of contaminants, and analyzing electrical impedance. With this equipment, users can get results in less than a minute, resulting in a more efficient production workflow. HRI 580L wafer testing and metrology system provides a powerful combination of components to assist in the characterization and optimization of ICs and other components. Its imaging unit, multi-angle scatter test, and spectrometer-based metrology machine allow for detailed analysis of each part, providing the necessary values to ensure a successful production run with quality results.
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