Used HOMMEL / HOMMELWERKE T20 #9164268 for sale

ID: 9164268
Surface measurement Tester evaluation instrument: Combined T20-DC tester RP50 Recorder Printer controller LV-150 N 4618 Surface profiler LV-100 6255 Surface profiler Granite base plate with tracks 16 x 25.
HOMMEL / HOMMELWERKE T20 is a specialized wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to measure the electrical properties of semiconductors. This system is capable of both inspection and electrical performance evaluation of a wide variety of semiconductor materials. The hardware and software components are both designed for flexibility and automation, making it perfectly suited for quality control and parameter optimization in the wafer production process. HOMMEL T20 unit utilizes advanced die-by-die testing procedures to quickly and reliably measure various electrical characteristics of semiconductors. These characteristics include leakage current, transistor parameters, logic performance, and contact resistance. The machine can also detect signal distortion from hot spots and shorts. By monitoring every die with the same precision and accuracy, the user can be sure that defective dies are easily identified and removed from the production line, preventing costly rework and scrap. The platform features a robust set of software features designed to streamline the testing and metrology process. This includes an automated aligning and locking tool for accurate and repeatable results, as well as customizable test sequences and error handling algorithms. Users can easily customize queries and parameters to suit the specific application requirements, as well as monitor process sample results in real time via the graphical user interface. HOMMELWERKE T20 asset also comes equipped with a built-in automatic defect inspection model designed to identify and locate shorts and open circuits. It can detect voids, latchup, and even local defects such as bridging and packaging defects. Additionally, it has an automated calibration feature that makes sure wafer testing accuracy is maintained across multiple process steps. In summary, T20 is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to reduce testing time and improve overall yield. It offers automated alignment and calibration capabilities, repeatable test results, and enhanced defect detection capabilities to help ensure quality and consistency of semiconductor devices produced. This system stands to benefit any semiconductor wafer fabrication facility, improving yields and ultimately reducing costs.
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