Used HOMMEL T2000 #170931 for sale

ID: 170931
Surface profile roughness gage Includes: Hommel Tester T 2000 Control Unit Hommel LV-100 Profilometer Head Hommel PM2 with tip as shown Hommel PMR 250 Chart Recorder Printer MSC-2 Remote Control Unit (3) Additional Tips: TKE-100-2 TKL-300 TKL-100-2 (2) Probe Tip Adapters (1) Probe Extension Adapter (3) Calibration Surfaces (2) Start/Stop Keys (1) Vibraplane Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Table (1) Rock of Ages Granite Base Connection cables Several Manuals including Operation and Theory of Operation Dust covers.
HOMMEL T2000 wafer testing and metrology equipment is designed for the efficient and powerful handling of semiconductor wafers up to 150mm in diameter. This system provides accurate results for the evaluation of electrical, physical and optical characteristics of semiconductor wafers. The unit is equipped with industry-leading technologies such as neutron reflectometry, focussed ion beam (FIB), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and optical microscope imaging. T2000 has an automated testing chamber equipped with integrated mechanical wafer handling machine, precision metrology head and several measurement chambers. It is designed to provide up to 3.2μm lateral resolution and up to 1μm depth resolution. The tool also provides high throughput, with a measurement cycle of only 0.4s. This means that hundreds of wafers can be processed in a short period of time. With advanced thermal capabilities, it is able to perform temperature cycles of up to 200°C. Precision is essential in semiconductor fabrication, and HOMMEL T2000 provides accurate, in-depth metrology measurements of features down to 500nm in size, even at the periphery of wafers. The asset also offers a range of software tools, including AutoAlign Pro, SPM Analysis algorithms and Image Processing software. All these features allow T2000 to perform multiple tests, including CD, thickness and roughness measurements, 3D shape characterization, critical dimension (CD) measurements, surface topology and defect analysis. HOMMEL T2000 also provides non-contact measurements for measuring and analyzing image contrast, color, and brightness. This highly efficient model is suitable for various types of wafer samples, from mechanical to optics and from microelectronic to optical applications. Additional features such as a built-in motorized tool changer, auto-focusing equipment and automatic sample loading/unloading for handling large batches of wafers, enhance the quality and speed of the testing and metrology results. Overall, T2000 is an excellent system for performing wafer testing and metrology. With its measurable features and high resolution capabilities, it is capable of providing quality and precision measurements with high throughput. This unit is ideal for the testing and metrology requirements of the semiconductor industry.
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