Used HOMMEL T2000 #9095342 for sale

ID: 9095342
Surface profile roughness gauge.
HOMMEL T2000 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is a high performance multi-functional system designed for advanced semiconductor process control and field-level metrology. Offering a comprehensive suite of automatic wafer testing and metrology capabilities, the unit offers a full range of fast and accurate measurements to detect and identify process and product consistency challenges. T2000 features advanced wafer imaging capabilities, including high resolution imaging, automated defect detection, and on-wafer defect characterization. The machine also offers a variety of fully integrated wafer test module options, including IV, C-V, and specialized full-chip process monitoring and process control tests. The tool is designed to handle all types of wafers, including standard, advanced, and customized sizes. With the ability to easily change wafer sizes within the same test head, the asset can easily switch between different sizes quickly and accurately. This allows for simultaneous testing of multiple wafers with a variety of sizes. HOMMEL T2000 includes a suite of customizable software tools and wafer test recipes that enable users to quickly and accurately establish testing parameters for their specific applications. In addition, the model provides total automation of test execution, utilizing multiple test head and multiple wafer loaders to quickly process all types of test wafers. In addition to providing comprehensive wafer testing and metrology capabilities, T2000 also offers superior wafer tracking and traceability capabilities. Utilizing custom pass/fail tests, users can quickly and accurately identify wafers or lots that fail to meet specifications, including wafer geometry, patterning, topography, or other potential problems. Overall, HOMMEL T2000 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment offers a powerful combination of performance, accuracy, and flexibility that makes it an ideal choice for both research and industrial applications. The system's robust suite of technologies enables users to quickly and accurately detect and identify process and product issues, and its total automation, together with its traceability and high resolution imaging controls, make T2000 an indispensable tool for advanced semiconductor process control.
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