Used HONEYWELL 51403422-150 HDW #160240 for sale

ID: 160240
Communication controller.
HONEYWELL 51403422-150 HDW is a high-performance wafer testing and metrology equipment specifically designed for applications involving silicon, sapphire and ceramic substrates. It features an advanced optical imaging system to provide high-resolution, high-accuracy wafer testing and mapping, in addition to a variety of other review capabilities. The imaging subsystem utilizes four cameras containing CCD sensors and a high-resolution microscope lens which can produce magnified images of up to 1,000x. The unit also includes automated optical inspection of up to 80 images per second, along with automatic defect detection, analysis and reporting. 51403422-150 HDW provides full Computer Aided Design (CAD) support with an integrated tool set to enable users to develop, debug and modify designs in real time. It also includes advanced data collection capabilities to enable rapid, accurate scanning and data acquisition of up to 350 wafers per hour. The machine features fully integrated SPC capabilities to enable correlation of process results with quality control parameters, as well as comprehensive statistical analysis tools. The tool can be expanded to include additional CCD cameras for higher accuracy and more quantitative measurements. HONEYWELL 51403422-150 HDW is well suited for a variety of wafer testing and metrology applications, including mask and reticle inspection, wafer level optical testing, wafer mapping, and defect analysis. Additionally, its high-performance CCD imaging module is allowing for more accurate and faster data collection and measurements of device characteristics. Additionally, the asset is equipped with a variety of automated metrology capabilities, such as electrical and mechanical analysis, 3D analysis, optical profilometry, and scatterometry. Overall, 51403422-150 HDW is a powerful and versatile wafer testing and metrology model that is ideal for a variety of research, development and production applications. With its high-performance CCD imaging technology and automated metrology capabilities, it can provide fast, accurate data acquisition and analysis, enabling enhanced defect detection, process control and quality management.
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