Used HONEYWELL AV311AC615 #9170279 for sale

ID: 9170279
Dialpak controller 300 - 600F -200 - 300C.
HONEYWELL AV311AC615 is a fully automated non-contact wafer testing and metrology equipment that has been designed to maximize accuracy, throughput, and yield while reducing cost and timing. The system integrates the latest in metrology, test, and process control technologies to provide unmatched performance. It is built on a robotic platform with an advanced vision recognition unit for inspecting each wafer's surface for defects, particle deposits, scratches, and warpage. The machine is capable of measuring, characterizing, and mapping surface features on the wafers with nanometer-level accuracy. AV311AC615 utilizes an impressive variety of high-end hardware and software components to ensure optimal control over the testing process. Its multi-flight Galvo laser scanner delivers precise sampling for the wafer surface features' measurements while a specially designed imaging tool provides a high-resolution image of the wafer features. A high-accuracy hexapod stage offers the highest precision in wafer positioning while a multi-axis mechanical adjustment ensures accurate alignments. The optional thermal-controlled environment allows for even further precision by enabling a range of environmental variables to be precisely set for each wafer test. HONEYWELL AV311AC615 asset can be used to perform a wide range of tests, including parametric wafer testing, as well as optical or thin-film thickness measurements. The model also includes an advanced calibration equipment that ensures accuracy and repeatability. By consistently monitoring the testing process, it eliminates potential uncertainties and enables the reliable detection of any abnormal parameter measurement conditions. The system is also fully programmable, allowing users to configure tests according to their specific requirements. The unit further features a large set of connectivity options, enabling versatile and easy integration into any lab environment. Its data acquisition and data transfer systems provide users with the ability to quickly process, analyze, and store test results. Additionally, the user interface of the machine is highly intuitive and provides an intuitive and comprehensive control of the tool. This ensures that the user has complete control over the testing process and that the asset is always capable of providing reliable and consistent results. Overall, AV311AC615 is a powerful and versatile tool that offers the most accurate wafer metrology and testing model on the market. It is built for precision and performance, and its extensive list of features enable users to maximize their yield, cost savings, and throughput. With its supreme accuracy and reliability, as well as its user-friendly features, this equipment is sure to remain a popular choice for any precision-oriented lab.
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