Used IMS LVIS-2005 #9144063 for sale

ID: 9144063
Vintage: 2009
Visual inspection systems 2009 vintage.
IMS LVIS-2005 is a leading-edge wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for semiconductor fabrication and based on the Light Duty Resolution (LDR) testing model. LVIS-2005 provides state-of-the-art capabilities for testing a wide range of wafer configurations with precision. The system is capable of measuring a range of parameters, including die size, die angle, etch depth and profile, and wafer thickness. The unit operates on a light-source-based, noncontact metrology platform with a built-in scanning machine capable of automatic, higher-order and high-precision measurements. The tool features an 8-inch diameter optical stage coupled to a 6-axis stage, both of which are capable of positioning the wafers to within plus/minus 1 micron of its target value. The stage is capable of supporting a variety of wafer sizes, from 8-inch to 6-inch, and is capable of accommodating wafer sizes from designs smaller than 1 micron up to 5 mils. IMS LVIS-2005 is capable of imaging different features on the wafer with its high-resolution imaging asset. The imaging model includes high-resolution CCD cameras, a full suite of software, and a large collection of scanning instruments. It is capable of measuring the height and dimensions of die, pits, steps, line-widths, and surface topography with precision. The equipment is also equipped with a variety of testing and metrology assistance tools to help ensure accuracy and efficiency. These tools include a low-cost verification system for small wafers, an automated pattern recognition unit, a high-resolution overscan machine, a multi-axis job polynomial regression tool, a multi-facet spectral test-pattern asset, and a control model. TheLVIS-2005 is capable of providing accurate and precise data compared with other wafer inspection systems. The equipment's noncontact scanning system is designed for low-duty resolution measurements and offers a wide range of flexibility for various wafer types. LVIS-2005 is designed for high-precision complex measurements for high-end wafer fabrication. This unit provides an automated metrology platform to facilitate quality assurance and yield management.
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