Used IMS LVIS-III #9134183 for sale

ID: 9134183
Vintage: 2009
Inspection system 2009 vintage.
IMS LVIS-III wafer testing and metrology equipment is designed to provide highly accurate and repeatable measurements of both thin wafer and device structures as well as yield and reliability problems. It is a well-established and reliable tool for a variety of applications in the semiconductor industry, such as failure analysis, process monitoring, and metrology. LVIS-III consists of several unique features such as a high-resolution, full-field imaging system, tightly temperature-stabilized environment, and low-noise operation. The full-field imaging unit achieves resolutions up to 0.5um in order to accurately measure features on the wafer. Additionally, the machine offers a special imaging feature to align multiple images into one larger image to provide a larger field of view. The precision temperature-controlled environment ensures the most stable conditions for accurate measurements while the low-noise amplifier further improves the accuracy. IMS LVIS-III has comprehensive metrology capabilities to detect and analyze a variety of features and defects. It is capable of inspecting and isolating even very small features on the wafer, like raised particles, scratches, surface texture, or sub-micron sub-surface defects. It is also equipped with advanced defect analysis tools, such as failure analysis cross-section, scanning X-ray fluorescence, and scanning ion microscopy, to closely analyze various defects. LVIS-III tool is designed for quick and reliable data collection. It eliminates the need for physical wafer handling which can add up to significant time and cost savings. The asset also allows for up to 25 locations to be simultaneously measured to speed up wafer measurement and measurements can be extracted to perform statistical analysis thus providing the user with a complete analysis package. Overall, IMS LVIS-III wafer testing and metrology model is a powerful tool in the semiconductor industry. Its high-resolution imaging, temperature-stable environment, and advanced metrology capabilities make it an ideal choice for wafer testing, reliability analysis, and process monitoring.
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